You can download a PDF of our policy here: Gateway Pediatrics School Note Policy.

Gateway Pediatrics works with families to create a healthy environment for your children. Part of this includes children attending school as much as possible.

Due to abuses of some parents retro-actively calling, requesting school notes, we will no longer give out school notes without a child being seen in the office. Wicomico County (and others) have updated their school absence policy to allow for 5 unexcused days. This allows for sick absences without needing school notes from our office.

If a child is seen in our office, at that visit a school note will be given to the parent and faxed to the school. The number of days allowed on this note is up to the discretion of the provider. If a child is still sick after the number of days allowed, it is the responsibility of the parent to contact our office either by portal message or phone within 24 hours of the absence to get additional days approved.

If the parent needs a work note, it will be provided to the parent at the time of visit. Only one parent will get a note, not both. The number of days allowed is up to the discretion of the provider. We will not fax work notes.
When a child is sick, parents sometimes make decisions on their own not to send the child to school. They may bring the child in after several days of absence and then expect us to give them a note for all of the missed days. If a child is sick for more than two days, we expect the parent will call to have the child seen in our office.

If your child is missing a lot of school due to asthma, headaches, menstrual cramps, or other on-going issue(s), they need to see their primary care provider. We can assist with treatment in order for your child to attend school on a regular basis.

If you are not sure whether to keep your child home from school, please call our office or on-call provider.

Thank you for taking the time to read our policy.

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